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About us

December 2018, when I was just drinking coffee staring at the growing BTC rate on the chart, the phone rang, it was Gregory. He is a great programmer, I know that because we met in a cooperation on a project for a Hungarian store in Budapest, where I was a manager. However, it has been three years since then, I was curious to see what was the issue he was calling me about.

He told me the story of his client, which I later became a part of and which made us, in April 2019, decide to join forces and work together to make your business better today.

Gregory told me about Tomasz, who along with his wife ran an online store, from which part of the profits from the sale he devoted to support a shelter for homeless dogs. The condition of his store was terrible. Developers implementing the platform based on Magento showed incompetence, the store was unoptimised, phones badly working and even had incorrectly implemented analytics. As if that was not enough, marketing activities carried out by advertising agencies and freelancers in the last two years did not generate sales or build awareness of the Tomasz brand among potential customers. Gregory knew that for years I have been involved in marketing and advertising, and I work with online stores, so he asked me for help.

With Tomasz, we talked for hours about strategies, current problems and their solutions. I dealt with the promotion of his business, I built campaigns that were to acquire customers, and Gregory introduced corrections and optimized the store's website. However, from the very beginning we had an enemy, it was time.
Tomasz at the end of December considered closing the store, but cooperation with us gave him hope and despite the poor condition of his business decided to extend the project. We did not want to disappoint him. However, the problems piled up. Solving one, we discovered two or even three new ones. To this day, I remember how Gregory was digging through the miles of chaotic code, correcting errors, in order to start correct data reporting for e-commerce.

My Google Ads campaigns without reports, conversion metrics, and store user behavior data were performing poorly. Honestly, I was groping for almost three weeks. It was not until the end of January that the main programming problems were solved by Gregory, the data came down and the shop itself finally sold!

In the month of February, we entered with enthusiasm. My advertising campaigns were growing more and more, and Gregory focused on correcting secondary mistakes and implementing improved store and sales modifications. Finally, we also had a working mobile version of the store. Tomasz, discussing promotion strategies with me for the next months also did not hide his enthusiasm. We were on a wave, Tomasz's business was starting to turn up, but I was constantly worried about the number of his regular customers. In fact, it was only now that the store started to acquire them, which is why I knew that Tomasz's business would require some investment over the next few months.

At the end of the month Tomasz called me. He told me that he regretted that he did not meet us two years before, when he started his adventure with e-commerce. His professional situation has changed, he was forced to withdraw from running his own business, he had a family and did not want to bear additional risk. I understood him well. I felt, however, regret. I know that if we started cooperation six months earlier, the store would be at a high level and Tomasz's situation would be different. I admired him that from the very beginning of his business he had a sense of mission and selflessly, despite his own problems, he helped others. He really had a passion and should succeed. I really wanted to help him develop his business, but the time has run out. It was my failure, but as it turned out later it left me with the feeling of anxiety, and I was not alone…

Five weeks later Gregory called me and said he had some ideas he would like to discuss with me.

That's how, from this December phone over the morning coffee, we've come to this day and I'm here with Gregory especially for you.

So do not waste your valuable time and do not miss the business potential that you build with such effort. Contact us now and use our experience, skills and ideas. We understand that by helping you to grow your business, we also help everyone who live your life. We know the problems that you have to face every day and we know what to do to make your store better.

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Gregory & Paul

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About Paul

Paul Adam Wolf (Paweł Adam Wilk in Polish) everyday dealing with digital analytics and advertising for e-commerce, specializing in running Google Ads campaigns.

My story dates back to 2008 when smartphones were not in common use. I dealt with applications for networking and mobile telephony, as well as optimization of SEO and positioning. However, with the passage of time, search engine marketing became more and more interesting.

In 2016, I decided to focus on the most dynamically developing industry - e-commerce. Since then I have been cooperating with online stores and helping them achieve business goals, using the latest marketing and advertising solutions.

Privately, I am a fan of new personal technologies and inspiring marketing solutions. Keeping track of the forex market, however, my attention is primarily all on cryptocurrencies. I am a fan of healthy eating. I like fitness, relaxation and skating, I also like listening to Chillstep . However, I come from Poland and here for eight months of the year it is cold or it rains so Xbox One console became my entertainment center 😉

I invite you to cooperation !

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About Gregory

For several years I have been involved in the creation of modern Magento online stores. In my work I always try to strive for high quality as quickly as possible, efficiently using available tools and proven solutions. I have several years of experience in creating online stores, and my clients for whom I had the opportunity to work are both small companies and large companies.

I like to be up to date with technological novelties and new trends, especially in cryptocurrencies and programming technologies, although I also do not shy away from learning new marketing techniques. In my free time I read industry portals and business books. I also like working out at the gym, watching a good movie or going for a walk with my girlfriend 🙂
I love to do new interesting things, that's why together with Paul we give you our proposal.

Familiarize with my implementations, which I described below.
Thank you for coming to us and I invite you to cooperation.

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