e-Commerce Stars

our mission

Our mission is to support companies from the e-commerce industry. We want to use our knowledge, experience and skills to help small and medium-sized enterprises succeed in the market. We want to give the entrepreneur a chance to compete with large corporations by reaching out to their clients with the offer and enabling them to choose true values.

e-commerce stars

E-commerce Stars is a program addressed to companies operating online stores. The goal of the program is to increase the efficiency of marketing activities of companies and improve their return on advertising expenditure. Program participants receive free support in the field of Google Ads advertising campaigns in terms of their efficiency, utilized possibilities and quality of service.

How to join?

To join e-Commerce Stars, please send your application via the contact form or email to: office@yourbetter.store

What requirements do you have to meet

• Run Google Ads advertising campaigns for at least 3 months,
• Spend at least 2,000 dollars per month on advertising,
• Have digital analytics implemented,
• Placement the 'eCommerce Stars' link in the footer of the store to our program (this page or main page).
• Be open to innovative solutions.

What will you get by participating in the program?

• e-Commerce Stars certificate,
• Every monthly analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaign,
• Every monthly evaluation of the activities carried out on the Google account,
• Suggestions and guidelines that aim to improve the profitability of your campaign and increase your profits.

Participation in the e-Commerce Stars program is free.

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