Advertising of companies on the Internet – the service is carried out directly by the partner Google Ireland Limited. It is addressed to all entrepreneurs with company websites.

The service consists of acquiring clients for the company using the following channels:

  • Ads in the so-called search engine Sponsored links,
  • Ads targeted at mobile devices,
  • Graphic ads, banners on websites Google Display Network,
  • Video ads, including on Youtube,
  • Ads in the GMAIL mailbox,
  • Graphic remarketing,

As part of the service, the customer gains access to:

  • Substantive help and consultation in the field of e-marketing,
  • Google Analytics digital analytics,
  • Real-time reports,

Please send an inquiry containing your needs via the contact form or by e-mail.

Your benefits:

You can start with any budget!
The amount of investment depends entirely on you. Start with a budget that suits you, then we can customize as your needs will change.

You reach the right people at the right time!
Customers find your business on Google precisely when they’re searching for what you offer.

You will be my partner!
As my private customer you will gain direct contact with me. You will benefit from my knowledge and experience in SEO, SEM, e-makretingu and digital analytics.

Measurable results and reports!
Unlike traditional and TV ads, the course and results of online advertising campaigns are fully measurable and you gain access to reports.

Precisely targeting ads

Thanks to many years of experience and the use of digital analytics, I have the opportunity to reach every recipient at every time while using it from every device, no matter whether it’s a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or TV connected to the Internet.

Ads are displayed to consumers when they perform any daily activities as well as searches for selected content on the internet.

In addition, I am able to precisely target the targeted target group at the level of an individual member defined on the basis of age, gender, interest in the websites visited by him, places in the web in which he visits, materials he reads and questions he has sent to search engines.

The benefits of advertising


Digital analytics is a way to gain a business advantage

Thanks to digital analytics you will gain a deeper understanding of your clients and you will be able to analyze their behavior on your website. By defining and monitoring the strategic goals of the KPI, you will be able to make deliberate business decisions and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities.

Remarketing is the secondary engagement of recipients who have already visited your site. Remarketing can be in a static form in the form of text, graphic or video ads.

Audience management system

I have developed an original system that optimizes the conversion path and reduces its costs. It involves managing users in real time based on their behavior on the site using digital analytics. It adjusts the bids for ads and landing pages targeted by users based on their involvement and the actions they take when visiting the website. This allows you to optimize the conversion path and lower its cost while increasing its rate.

Who I’m and how I help

My name is Paul Wolf and I am a certified specialist in Google Ads and a Google partner. I have over 10 years of experience in internet marketing, and specialize in advertising campaigns for e-commerce.

My advertising campaigns accurately reach selected groups of recipients – thus minimizing costs as well as maximizing their effectiveness.

Do you have guestions? Ask to me!